A group of angsty teens who get worse as time goes on.
[A small master-post of our characters. Select a name to learn about each one.]

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Garrett - 17 - Nov.14 - ♂

Garret is as condescending as he is white (which is incredibly so).
He loves the recognition that comes with his awards and believes the world revolves around him (to an extent). As he is incredibly selfish, Garrett always has an ulterior motive to his actions. He wants people to acknowledge his intelligence and effort, but his bad attitude clashes with his desire for praise, leaving most people on edge.
He despises the stereotypical popular kids at school, as well as the druggies, the art kids, the slackers, any competition... virtually anyone. He only enjoys the company of his friends, but it's hard to say whether they like him or not. His only redeeming quality is how ambitious he is, but even that is fueled by his selfish desires.

- only notable accomplishment is being the school president
- pretty good at puzzles and card games
- always says the wrong thing
- hates it when people point out how long his hair is
- in about 6 clubs all at once. is the leader of all of them.
- always holds the door open for people but hates it
- (hates satoshi)

Satoshi - 17 - May.5 - ♂

Satoshi is a smug teen with a bit of a god complex. His narcissistic attitude, paired with his feeble stature, makes him a favored individual among his peers. He can be pretty blunt and tends to brag about his academic success in front of others.
He is calm, clever, and a bit selfish. Above all, he is very mischievous and a bit perverted. He enjoys messing with easily aggravated people (e.g. Miles, Kim, and Scott) and ironically pokes fun at anime cliches by acting them out (many would disagree it is done ironically).

- (annoyingly) uses Japanese honorifics
- co-leader of the math club
- Only eats uncooked ramen
- Has to watch anime on school computers
- pretentious
- makes fake IDs for people at his school

Miles - 17 - Sep.13 - ♂

Not exactly the kind of young man you'd imagine when you think of a “basement dweller”. Miles is socially awkward and highly cynical. There isn’t much to his personality that you could describe as good. He is unable to express his emotions properly, and his temper gets the best of him at times.
Most of the time Miles can be very stand-offish and awkward to talk to, and the fact that he avoids eye contact makes some people uncomfortable. He intentionally provokes people who don't like him in hopes of being mistreated and degraded as it feeds into his masochistic fantasies. He is usually seen with his best friend, Robbie, who shares the same nihilistic view on life he has. His hobbies are of a morbid nature, but he spends most of his time stalking his crush Michael.

- loves all things occult and supernatural
- Into emo bands and believes any other genre of music "sucks ass"
- secretly a hopeless romantic
- has a very extensive knife collection
- uses a clunky outdated technology
- loves spicy food so much he carries packets of hot sauce with him

Scott - 17 - Jun.20 - ♂

Scott is the future successor of his father's company and the older twin brother to Kim.
Due to his rich upbringing and pampered life, provided by his doting father, he is severely narcissistic and arrogant. He constantly bosses people around and has little to no regard for the feelings he's hurt, as seen when he teases the more sensitive people in his class (e.g. Isaac and Carmen).
He acts a bit ditzy due to his obsession with 2000's icons, and is easily grossed out. He may come off as immature, but he takes his family's tradition and expectations seriously.

- obsessed with Paris Hilton and other 2000s icons
- only consumes diet coke and water
- chronic liar
- models for a magazine company
- good at skating
- has dirt on every student at his school

Robbie - 17 - Apr.1 - ♂

Robbie is the third eldest of eleven children and is currently the "man" of the house. He works hard for his family, taking on various jobs with Michael to support them, but usually works at his mother's mechanic shop.
Robbie loves anime and manga and in his free time, he collects figures of his 2D boy wives. He has a strange fear of real-life girls, often going red in the face, and does his best to avoid talking to them, with the exception of Kim.
His sarcastic approach to life makes him an easy target for teasing from his classmates. He acts bothered by it, but he secretly enjoys the attention.

- flexes his academic achievements when he gets the chance
- believes God has a personal vendetta against
- can hotwire a car
- has worked at every fast-food joint in the city
- good at drumming but hates his band
- a god at suppressing his sexual desires

Michael - 17 - Jul.11 - ♂

Michael is a very kind and patient individual, which makes him well-trusted among his classmates. Although the environment he's grown up in is harsh, he remains very naive and energetic.
He is quite reliable and typically goes out of his way to aid others whenever he sees someone with a need. His enthusiasm can be a weakness though, as he recalls times where he has done work for free, much to the disdain of his friends.
His seemingly never-ending supply of energy is often released through sports, art, and cooking. These happen to be the only three things he takes seriously. He spends most of his time with his best friend David.

- makes fursonas of every single person he meets
- only lets his best friends call him Mikey/Mike.
- cryptozoologist
- spends most of his allowance on magazines about porn and monsters
- loves cheesy slasher films
- has a pile of stolen street signs in a corner of his room

Phil - 19 - Jun.15 - ♂

Phil was raised in a wealthy household but only received what he wanted so long as he followed strict rules. This had a profound effect on him, which developed into an apathetic behavior that he jokes as nothing more than finding internal peace.
However, despite being very passive and prone to hiding his emotions, he expresses a good sense of humor and appreciation for his friends.
He enjoys time to himself and tends to stray from circles of attention. This often fails though, considering the fact he was unwillingly given the title as the tallest kid in the school.
He casually flaunts his wealth, though he has generous intentions when doing so. This makes him well liked and one of the more popular kids at his school.

- almost never sober
- knows how to stack a good sub
- has a terrible sense of direction and often gets lost
- probably into your mom
- often hits his head on the door frame when he enters a room
- has broken his arm multiple times from reckless skating

David - 17 - Dec.6 - ♂

David is an old-fashioned individual who puts a great deal of importance on being a "real man", which causes him to suppress personal feelings.
He does, of course, let the old guard down around his closest friend so that his emotions don't explode in his own face.
He typically adopts the roles of leadership in many aspects of his life. While he may come off mature for most of the time, he finds it difficult to not tease a select few individuals in his class. He has a bad habit of picking fights with anyone who annoys his best friend Michael, and will not hesitate to shove someone in a locker.

- has no idea how to use technology and doesn’t want to know
- takes better care of his Cadillac than himself
- tends to squeeze things a little too hard to the point of breaking it
- holds his phone far from his face to see the screen
- loves those 50's gelatin-based dishes

Chiron - 17 - Oct.19 - ♂

Chiron falls into the moody teenager stereotype and begrudgingly volunteers as a youth leader at his father's church.
He is quite cynical and has little patience for people who play games with others. He takes a bit of pride in how intimidating he can be, though he is naturally more gentle than he makes himself seem.
He is a perfectionist and stresses out over meeting deadlines and his own expectations. He makes money on the side doing odd art jobs, but doesn't mention it to anyone. He keeps most of his hobbies under wraps. Funnily enough he believes he's good at drawing, though that is far from the truth.

- sighs a lot when talking
- exceptional at scrapbooking
- watches films with a straight face
- the only normal person at school
- very secretive (hates talking about himself)
- has a strange relationship with religion

Romeo - 17 - Jul. 4 - ♂

Romeo is the laid-back son of two farmers who live a few hours away from the city.
He sports his signature cowboy hat and overalls, which he wears anywhere, for any situation. He avoids conflict and is seen as a peacemaker among his friends. This relaxed behavior of his earned him the nickname "Bromeo" (a mashup of bro and Romeo).
He is a bit perverted and often teases his classmates with promises of hugs, kisses, and anything under the sun. Whether he would carry out these actions if the offer was reciprocated is a mystery to his classmates. He has a strange set of rules he follows throughout the day, the most important being sleeping with no clothes on.

- rarely opens eyes but can still see.
- feeds the raccoons in the forest behind his house
- photographs everything
- sleeps with his hat covering his face
- steals street signs and gives them to his friends
- doesn’t trust hospitals/doctors

Isaac - 17 - Jul.8 - ♂

Isaac (better known as Carmen's plaything) is a timid boy who spends most of his time at his father's bakery.
He was sheltered for most of his childhood and his lack of experiences make him quite naive and paranoid. He takes solace in the kitchen of the bakery and earns an allowance by working for his father.
He is easily impressed and influenced, which several of the boys in his class take advantage of. This has made him a victim of many harmless pranks, but he is luckily "defended" by Carmen.
Despite his timid personality, he can be a bit sarcastic and cocky, which always comes as a surprise.
He vents most of his frustrations to Chiron and claims he hates being treated like a child.

- diet consists 90% of bread
- wears shirts with sleeves that go past his hands so he won't bite his nails
- pulls at his own hair when he's nervous
- wears a lot of band aids on his fingers
- has odd habits to de-stress and won't move onto another task until he's finished
- usually gets children discounts at restaurants

Carmen - 17 - Feb.12 - ♀

Carmen is the older twin sister to Diego and is an avid Jesus enthusiast.
She can be defined by three characteristics: being highly religious, obsessed with maintaining order, and constantly doting over Isaac.
Her temper can get the best of her but she veils this under a finely crafted maternal front. Even then she typically goes on rants about the state of the world and ends it with a prayer.
Her unnatural obsession with religion can be tied to her mother, who exhibits the same traits. She sees no issue with acting that way and encourages the "lost souls" in her class to follow suit.
She is often seen suffocating Isaac with her affection, going so far as to knit him clothes and take him out to eat. If he doesn't comply she'll physically coerce him into submission. She swears she's doing it for his well being though.

- will pray when something even remotely inconvenient happens to her
- babysits children as a part-time job
- unaware of how loud she can be
- loves insects
- will not attend an event unless there is food involved
- spends a ridiculous amount of time praying before bed
- owns very few material possessions

Diego - 17 - Feb.12 - ♂

Diego is the younger twin brother to Carmen and is unintentionally ignored.
The running gag in his life is that most people forget he exists despite his giant stature. Diego acknowledges this aspect of his life but even his family forgetting his name has him feeling disappointed.
He spends most of his time towards improving in all aspects of life. His rigorous routine makes most people believe he is much older than he really is.
He's very passive and strives to peacefully encourage order. This makes him easily approachable. He is quite reserved, which counters his sister's impulsiveness.
He feels guilty whenever he thinks about his sexuality and releases those pent up thoughts and feelings through his writing. He's got a decent reputation on fanfiction.net

- Softspoken
- Very clumsy and tends to drop his phone
- People get his name wrong all the time but he doesn’t correct them
- Writes yaoi fanfics
- Often mistaken for a teacher at his school
- Enjoys heavy metal and owns several band tees

Kim - 17 - Jun.20 - ♀

Kim is a bubbly cheerleader at her school, but her girl-next-door persona is all an act. She is the twin sister to Scott.
She exudes overconfidence and takes pride in her ability to charm boys. In a jokingly cruel way though, this charm does not affect the boys she takes an upmost interest in. This happens to be the only reason why she would ever feel down and pouty.
She loves all things cute and believes being cute is not only for appeareances, but also a mentality. She tends to attract chaos because of her mischievous nature and loves to drag her friends into whatever trouble she gets herself into.

- Bets on novelty items online
- fujoshi
- draws loli art (she projects on it)
- is better than her brother at almost everything but still receives no attention for it
- Only writes using a pink glitter ink pen